[Openstack] Baremetal OS image support

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Excerpts from Jake G.'s message of 2013-08-19 21:31:34 -0700:
> Thanks for the reply. That is good to here.
> However, My baremetal host is CentOS 6.4 so i am unable to run diskimage-builder.
> Is there another way to create images for baremetal? Or perhaps pre-made images somewhere?

You can build images on any Ubuntu or Fedora box, including VMs.

I would also gladly +2 patches to make dib work on CentOS/RHEL 6 as well,
given that we will likely be supporting those in OpenStack for a long
time to come.

Thanks to _you_ for using OpenStack :)

p.s. I personally would appreciate it if you would conform to the
interleaved reply style that is suggested here:



Thanks Clint!
I built a seperate ubuntu server to run diskbuilder, however now when I run 
# bin/ramdisk-image-create deploy -k $KERNEL -o my-deploy-ramdisk
I get the error ramdisk-image-create: invalid option -- 'k'

Have you see this error?

Also, do you happen to know of any resources where i can download pre-made images?
All the sites I have seen are for "cloud" images only. Could these possibly work as well?

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