[Openstack] Designate/DnsaaS

claudio at onesource.pt claudio at onesource.pt
Tue Aug 20 10:12:47 UTC 2013

Hi Stackers

I am working with Designate in order to get a DnsaaS on my Openstack
environment, and regarding Kiall at hp contribution, I've installed it
following the "getting started guide" on the controller Node instead
getting it from .deb's packages. But, I am a bit confused, because I can
not figure out if I must install and configure a DNS server in a separated
machine in order to serve Designate, or do I have to configure PowerDns
that was installed along side Designate in the Controller Node.
At the end of the "getting start guide"  it say that before Domains are
created is necessary to create a server. 

Can anyone enlighten me or point-me a direction?

Thank's in advance

Claudio Marques

claudio at onesource.pt

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