[Openstack] Networking issue in Vlan mode

amogh patel amoghpatel4u at gmail.com
Mon Aug 19 23:23:49 UTC 2013

Hi everyone,

Need some help in configuring Openstack nova network in Vlan mode.

My existing working environment:
1) 3 Hosts (controller1 and compute1 & compute2 nodes) with single network
interface in individual host.
2) Was using FlatDHCPManager so far, now I've changed it to Vlan mode by
following below doc:
3) I've only one project "demo" and vlan102 is tagged to that.

1) Instances of the same compute1 node can talk each other but not with the
instances of neighbour compute2 node.
2) Compute1 node cannot ping/ssh to instances of their neighbor compute2
node. Whereas any instance of any compute node can reach (ping/ssh) to
Compute/Controller host network and their gateway.

My understanding is, vlan separates the network between different projects.
In my case, it looks like compute nodes has been separated with their
individual instances.

Could anyone please guide, what and where I'm missing?

PS - In FlatDHCP mode, every instances can talk to each other irrespective
of the hosting node and accessible from any host of the same network.

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