[Openstack] Baremetal Provisioning for Openstack

Daniel Ellison daniel at syrinx.net
Mon Aug 12 10:39:26 UTC 2013

On Aug 12, 2013, at 6:20 AM, Jake G. <dj_dark_junglist at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Thanks! I know how to use google. haha thats a funny site.
> The only reason I ask here is because I am having trouble finding a good resource or documentation from google results.

Your question didn't specify what you had searched for previously or why what you found wasn't satisfactory. The first link from that Google query has a section which specifies the differences in starting a baremetal cloud with detailed instructions (http://bit.ly/142rZOY). We need to know what information is missing from that documentation which stops you from using the baremetal driver.

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