[Openstack] [SWIFT] Swift + Keystone Auth account recovery

Devendran Jagadisan devendran.jagadisan at gmail.com
Mon Aug 5 22:55:38 UTC 2013


Using swift 1.8.0 with keystone auth and I suspect due to this https://bugs.launchpad.net/swift/+bug/1177526, 
one of my user may have deleted their account by sending delete request using curl.

The user only has the member role in their tenant.

proxy-server.conf  is

use = egg:swift#proxy
allow_account_management = true
account_autocreate = true

use = egg:swift#keystoneauth
operator_roles = Admin,Member,admin, swiftoperator, _member_, ResellerAdmin
is_admin = true

Swift CLI returns either 
Account HEAD failed:    403 Forbidden
Account GET failed: 403 Forbidden   Recently deleted

Dashboard for Object store returns 'Error: Unable to retrieve container list'

Proxy server logs
'proxy-server Could not autocreate account 'AUTH_e08380fcb814436ab28ac2ddb45466f1' (txn: tx61c50f079b864633944b52d143a39985) (client_ip: '

At this stage I am pretty sure the containers and objects are removed as the delay_reaping is set to the default value. 

Is there any way to re-create the account for the user, at least to allow user to access their 
account and create containers again?


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