[Openstack] A IPv6-Only OpenStack version, when?!

Martinx - ジェームズ thiagocmartinsc at gmail.com
Mon Aug 5 01:30:08 UTC 2013


I'm so tired of dealing with this NAT-thing, called here as "Floating IPs"
or "L3 + Auto NAT for you that you can't disable it easily"...

This thing's got to go!

So! We have IPv6, all public addresses, no NAT table for it (thanks Nerds),
all public, as firsts days of the Internet... Good days...

I'm wondering when OpenStack will works in a pure IPv6 environment, any

I do not want to deal with NAT tables anymore, neither "Floating IPs"...
This is all $#%#% for me.

I just read the following OpenStack (I think) doc:


Which says:

"IPv6 Only Tenant Network" <- YES!!

"The router will not support v6 for NAT"  <- YES! PLEASE! When?!

NOTE: Please, if you guys are planning to enable "Floating IPs" for IPv6,
PLEASE, don't do it! Or, at least, leave it entirely disabled by default...

Forget about "NAT + Floating IPs" is a priority for my public cloud... I do
not want ANY NAT table within my OpenStack environment, never. This is a
very important part of my business plan: no NAT, no Floating IPs, public
IPs everywhere.

Maybe for Havana?! Is it mature enough, so I can test it today?!

I just want to give automatically 1 IPv6 /64 for each tanant subnet and be
happy... Also, tenants will be able to request more, pre-configured, IPv6
subnets, for sure...

We're almost there?! Or maybe next year?!

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