[Openstack] Is python-openstackclient dead?

Alessio Ababilov aababilov at griddynamics.com
Sun Dec 23 14:39:52 UTC 2012

Hi everyone!

There is a nice project in OpenStack - python-openstackclient. Its
purpose is to provide a convenient command line interface to all
OpenStack services, including nova. glance, and keystone, according to

I noticed that the last commit that added functionality to this
project was on August 20, 2012. In current state,
python-openstackclient implements only operations with nova instances
and several keystone commands, so, the most of required functionality
is not ready.

In the same time, python-novaclient and python-keystoneclient still
extend their command line interfaces - the latest commits were
accepted in December, 2012. So, instead of moving CLI to
python-openstackclient, it is developed in separate python-*client

Is python-openstackclient considered to be dead?

Please, do not kill this project! Now it is really convenient, and all
it needs is just more attention from the community that will add
lacked functionality! Lets us drop CLI support from miscellaneous
python-PROJECTclients and add it to python-openstackclient!

Alessio Ababilov
Software Engineer
Grid Dynamics

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