[Openstack] two or more NFS / gluster mounts

Caitlin Bestler Caitlin.Bestler at nexenta.com
Thu Dec 20 18:51:45 UTC 2012

John Griffith wrote:

>  Yes, I'm really agree with Diego.
>  It would be a good choice for submitting a blueprint with this storage feature based on tenants.

I think the key is that the File/Object service should be enabled similarly to how volumes are enabled,
With similar tenant scoping and granularity.

So a NFS export would be enabled for a VM much the way a volume is, with the only difference being
that a NFS export *can* be shared. But when it is not shared, it should be just as eligible for local storage
as a cinder volume is.

To the extent that this is not just a "migrate-to-local-storage" feature, it needs to be integrated with Quantum
as well. The network needs to be configured so that *only* this set of clients has access to the virtual network
where the specified exports are enabled.

This does a lot to solve the multi-tenant problem as well. Each export can be governed by a single tenant.
If the NAS traffic is all on different virtual networks there are never any conflicts over UIDs and GIDs.

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