[Openstack] Wiki content imported into MediaWiki - please check

John Garbutt John.Garbutt at citrix.com
Tue Dec 18 10:21:12 UTC 2012

One more thing I spotted around links.

In the migrated wiki:
[[XenServer/DevStack|XenServer and [[DevStack]]]]

Clearly it's a simple fix to this:
[[XenServer/DevStack|XenServer and DevStack]]

I guess this extra link (that is obviously not valid syntax, and wasn't in the original page) got added when the page was imported?


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> Ryan Lane wrote:
> > I've just finished importing the content from the MoinMoin wiki into
> > the MediaWiki instance. Please check the content:
> >
> > https://wiki-staging.openstack.org/wiki/Main_Page
> >
> > [...]
> > Also note that the migration script doesn't map from MoinMoin to
> > MediaWiki perfectly and we'll need to clean up some of the content
> > manually. We'll need to create some templates for missing features too
> > (like columned layout).
> The most obvious issue is how ugly the new main page is :) The loss of image
> inclusion and columns transformed an admittedly not perfect page
> (disclaimer: I authored it) into something unreadable and very unwelcoming.
> Note that it's probably the only page that uses column layout, so maybe we
> can just special case the main page rather than write a generic column-
> handler.
> Image inclusion however is a bit more problematic, as it's being used in
> several pages (like
> http://wiki.openstack.org/Documentation/Translation/Status) that are now
> broken.
> The second most obvious issue is the loss of the OpenStack theme on all
> pages: it would be good to theme the wiki before we complete the
> transition.
> Other issues to watch for before completing the transition:
> * Broken table layouts, and no more cell background colors: See examples at
> https://wiki-staging.openstack.org/wiki/GrizzlyReleaseSchedule or
> https://wiki-staging.openstack.org/wiki/Releases
> * URL: The new wiki URL appear under a wiki/ subdirectory:
> https://wiki-staging.openstack.org/wiki/Projects -- would be great to make
> sure that once the migration is completed they can still be accessed from
> previous URLs (http://wiki.openstack.org/Projects) so that we don't have to
> change URL pointers from other sites.
> * <<TableOfContents>>: we used that macro on a lot of pages -- but I guess
> we could abandon them
> * Protected pages: A limited number of pages are protected in the old wiki
> (mostly governance pages, main page and list of official projects) to avoid
> random edits -- will this feature be kept ?
> > We're going to leave the wiki up for a couple days in this state. If the
> content is mostly agreeable and we decide to press forward, I'll migrate the
> data again and we'll replace MoinMoin.
> I fear we are more than just a couple of days away from being able to
> migrate content in a "mostly agreeable" way, but you're the expert :)
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