[Openstack] Distributed rate-limiting

Karajgi, Rohit Rohit.Karajgi at nttdata.com
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Sorry to bring alive a fairly old thread, but I had a few questions on Nova's rate limiting in a distributed/ load balanced Openstack environment.

My understanding is Turnstile manages the situation where, the in-memory rate limits that are configured on load balanced API servers
are imposed properly on the incoming requests, so each API server is correctly updated/synced with the used rate limits.
Can you please confirm this understanding?

Also, I don't think this is part of the Openstack trunk code, and if so, is there any reason why it's not part of Nova, as it was meant to be a replacement?


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Howdy, folks.  I've been working on a replacement for nova's rate-limiting middleware that will handle the multiple-node case, and I've developed a fairly generic rate-limiting package, along with a second package that adapts it to nova.  (This means you could also use this rate-limiting setup with, say, glance, or with any other project that uses Python middleware.)  Here is some information:

* Turnstile
        Turnstile is a piece of WSGI middleware that performs true distributed
        rate-limiting.  System administrators can run an API on multiple
        nodes, then place this middleware in the pipeline prior to the
        application.  Turnstile uses a Redis database to track the rate at
        which users are hitting the API, and can then apply configured rate
        limits, even if each request was made against a different API node.
        - https://github.com/klmitch/turnstile
        - http://pypi.python.org/pypi/turnstile

* nova_limits
        This package provides the ``nova_limits`` Python module, which
        contains the ``nova_preprocess()`` preprocessor, the
        ``NovaClassLimit`` limit class, and the ``NovaTurnstileMiddleware``
        replacement middleware class, all for use with Turnstile.  These
        pieces work together to provide class-based rate limiting integration
        with nova.
        - https://github.com/klmitch/nova_limits
        - http://pypi.python.org/pypi/nova_limits

Both packages should be fairly well documented (start with README.rst), and please feel free to log issues or make pull requests.
Kevin L. Mitchell <kevin.mitchell at rackspace.com>

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