[Openstack] git-review ready for general use

Monty Taylor mordred at inaugust.com
Tue Dec 27 15:54:27 UTC 2011

Hey guys,

We've been having various people test the new git-review tool for a
while now, and believe that it is ready for prime time as a replacement
for the git review alias and tools/rfc.sh. We've also sent an email to
our fine friends at glusterfs (from whom we got rfc.sh in the first
place) and at gerrit to announce the tool to them.

We're going to start a phased approach of rolling this out.

Phase 1 - Get everyone to install git-review.
Phase 2 - Add a deprecation warning message to tools/rfc.sh to catch
Phase 3 - Remove tools/rfc.sh from the repos.

The only phase there that you need to really worry with is Phase 1 -
because that's the one in which you install the tool.

It's really quite easy. It works like this:

'sudo pip install git-review'

And just go on about your day. When you run 'git review' to submit
changes to gerrit, the git-review program will take precedence and do
all of the appropriate things. There is a README file at
https://github.com/openstack-ci/git-review with more information for
those who care. However, notable features which were lacking with rfc.sh:

git review -v prints out all of the git commands that are being run, for
those who are interested in that sort of thing

git review $branch_name will submit reviews to branches that are not master

git review -d $review_number will download the code for a gerrit review
into a local branch



PS. Not that there are any bugs, but git-review is managed via the same
process as all other openstack code - so bugs can be filed at
bugs.launchpad.net/git-review and patches are accepted via gerrit. You
can submit them using git review. :)

PPS. If you want, after installing git-review, you can remove the review
alias from ~/.gitconfig. It's not necessary, as the git-review
executable does take precedence.

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