[Openstack] Inspired Meetings!

Lloyd Dewolf lloydostack at gmail.com
Mon Dec 12 23:38:01 UTC 2011

Hi Stackers!

Last week I "sat in" on a few of the OpenStack IRC meetings: CI,
General meeting, and QA . The meetings left me pumped for this week!

If like me, meetings generally turn you off, these are meetings of a
different stripe.

I'm inspired by the momentum, and wishing I had time to dive into
other areas as well, and -- gasp! -- attend more meetings!

Each meeting also includes open questions at the end.

If you are only going to attend one meeting this week it will have to
be tomorrow's General Meeting, Tuesdays at 2100 UTC. It might be
better named the OpenStack Project & Release Status meeting.

ttx (Thierry) does a first class job chairing the meeting. ttx is a
maestro coaxing and interpreting information from long lists of blue
prints, bug reports, and most importantly thanks to the excellent
communications of those in attendance.

It's incredible that in an hour, thanks to ttx and the component leads
sharing, I got a sense of where each of the major components are --
essex-2 "e2" has been very productive, it's not done yet! and we're
lining ourselves up for a monster of an e3 (as it should be) ;-)

Add https://www.google.com/calendar/ical/bj05mroquq28jhud58esggqmh4@group.calendar.google.com/public/basic.ics
to your calendar program and be sure to make it the meetings tomorrow
that interest you.

See you on #openstack-meeting on chat.freenode.net ,


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