[Openstack] bug management for developer infrastructure pieces

Monty Taylor mordred at inaugust.com
Sun Dec 11 17:58:22 UTC 2011

Hey guys!

As we get bigger and there are more and more people, it might become a
little opaque to understand how you can appropriately bitch about pieces
of the dev tooling that aren't working for you. The openstack-ci project
on launchpad is the place to do that.

Bugs against the OpenStack gerrit, jenkins, irc bots and doc publishing
can all be filed there. I've added official tags to the project for
gerrit and jenkins, so that if you want to see what's going on with
gerrit, for instance, you can go to:


Devstack and git-review both have their own projects and their own bug
trackers - but I betcha if you file bugs in the wrong place we'll figure
it out.

I've also got a todo list of things for all of the systems above that
I'm in the process of turning in to blueprints... hopefully that should
be done soon.


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