[Openstack] Extension Documentation

Jorge Williams jorge.williams at rackspace.com
Thu Dec 8 16:58:09 UTC 2011

Hi All,

I've started putting together a site to hold extension documentation.  You can see it here:


The idea is to have a repository for all extensions, whether the extension is an OpenStack extension or a vendor specific extension. It makes sense to me that users can go to a central place to get extension docs regardless of where the extension came from or who wrote it, etc.  I'm putting this out as somewhat of a proposal with the hopes that we can roll this page into our own docs site. The site is *somewhat* automated. If you put the webhelp output that comes out of our docs tool chain, it will reach into the extension description sample for info about the extension and just roll it into the index page.  The idea is that we can have something like Jenkins spit out some webhelp to a directory and things will just work. The script that does this is written in perl though If anyone wants to take a stab at rewriting it in another language I'm all for it.  You can find it here:


What I'm really interested in right now is in getting good accurate docs for our extensions and putting them out there it a central place where people can see.  If you have info about a particular extension send it over.  There are pointers to doc templates at the bottom of the page and I know that I'll be working on documenting some of the extension that are currently out there for compute. BTW:  Take the compete  extensions that are out there at this very moment with a grain of salt  as some of these are still under development.

Finally, I've updated the extension guide based on feedback from folks.  You can find the guide here:


Note that the document is still a draft, so things are likely to change -- though I don't reckon dramatically. We're planning on having a wider discussion about extensions in the next nova-api team meeting on friday.

Questions?  Thoughts?

-jOrGe W.

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