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when you run this command " # swauth-add-user -K swauthkey -a system root rootpass", the storage_url is overwrite,

you can add a head x-account-suffix="your old x-account-suffix " in request, ,

look here, this document is from swauth.py
def handle_put_account(self, req):
Handles the PUT v2/ call for adding an account to the auth
system. Can only be called by a .reseller_admin.

By default, a newly created UUID4 will be used with the reseller prefix
as the account id used when creating corresponding service accounts.
However, you can provide an X-Account-Suffix header to replace the
UUID4 part.

:param req: The webob.Request to process.
:returns: webob.Response, 2xx on success.

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I wonder the difference of “swauth-add-account” command and “swauth-add-user” command.

I have learned. On account of a single storage url is created.


Part of my question:

è  After the creation account with the “swauth-add-account” command When you create user with the “swauth-add-user”command a url is different.

1.     # swauth-add-account -K swauthkey system

2.     # swauth-add-user -K swauthkey -a system root rootpass


Why the difference? How do I use each command?



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