[Openstack] Nova Subteam Changes

Vishvananda Ishaya vishvananda at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 03:54:21 UTC 2011

Hello Everyone,

The Nova subteams have now been active for a month and a half.  Some things are going very well, and others could use a little improvement.  To keep things moving forward, I'd like to make the following changes:

1) Weekly meeting for team leads. This is a time for us to discuss blueprint progress, multiple-team-related issues, etc. Going to shoot for Mondays at 2100 for this one.  I really need the subteam leads to commit to making this meeting. We can discuss at the first meeting and decide if there is a better time for this to occur.

2) Closing down the team mailinglists.  Some of the lists have been a bit active, but I think the approach that soren has been using of sending messages to the regular list with a team [header] is a better approach. Examples:
[db] Should we use zookeeper?
[scaling] Plans for bursting
I realize that this will lead to a little more noise on some of the channels, but I think it makes sure that we don't isolate knowledge too much

3) Closing teams. Some of the teams haven't really started having much activity.  I'm going to move these teams into a WANTED section on the teams page here:
For now, people can just discuss stuff on the main mailing list, but we won't target blueprints to those teams specifically. We can make the teams official again once they have some activity and a clear person to be responsible for running them.  Please keep in mind that I'm not saying that this stuff isn't important, just that there is no need to separate out if there isn't a lot of activity.
Specifically the teams which haven't really been very active are:
Nova Upgrades Team
Nova Auth Team
Nova Security Improvements Team
Nova Operational Support Team
Nova EC2 API Team

I"m going to leave the ec2 team for now, because it is relatively new.  If anyone feels that the other teams above should not be folded back in, please let me know.

Hopefully these changes will help us continue to rock essex!


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