[openstack-qa] Post job failures

Joshua Hesketh joshua.hesketh at rackspace.com
Wed Oct 1 09:39:44 UTC 2014

Hello QA team,

When a job fails in the post queue (which have jobs that are triggered 
on a change being merged) no warning or failure message is sent anywhere 
so it does so silently. This has caused an issue in the past[0] and 
there are likely more cases we don't know about.

We should report failures somewhere but since post jobs don't come from 
gerrit they can't be reported back to gerrit trivially. And even if we 
could it would be a comment on a closed change.

My feeling is an easy solution is to email somewhere when a post job 
fails. However I'm not sure where might be an appropriate location for 
that. Would this mailing list, for example, be a good place to start and 
then see how we go?

I've set up the change here: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/125298/



Rackspace Australia

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