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Sorry for the top post - Those of you that are still at PTG, please feel
free to drop in to the Clear Creek room today.


On Thu, Sep 13, 2018 at 2:44 PM Jeremy Stanley <fungi at yuggoth.org> wrote:

> On 2018-09-12 17:50:30 -0600 (-0600), Matt Riedemann wrote:
> [...]
> > Again, I'm not saying TC members should be doing all of the work
> > themselves. That's not realistic, especially when critical parts
> > of any major effort are going to involve developers from projects
> > on which none of the TC members are active contributors (e.g.
> > nova). I want to see TC members herd cats, for lack of a better
> > analogy, and help out technically (with code) where possible.
> I can respect that. I think that OpenStack made a mistake in naming
> its community management governance body the "technical" committee.
> I do agree that having TC members engage in activities with tangible
> outcomes is preferable, and that the needs of the users of its
> software should weigh heavily in prioritization decisions, but those
> are not the only problems our community faces nor is it as if there
> are no other responsibilities associated with being a TC member.
> > Given the repeated mention of how the "help wanted" list continues
> > to not draw in contributors, I think the recruiting role of the TC
> > should take a back seat to actually stepping in and helping work
> > on those items directly. For example, Sean McGinnis is taking an
> > active role in the operators guide and other related docs that
> > continue to be discussed at every face to face event since those
> > docs were dropped from openstack-manuals (in Pike).
> I completely agree that the help wanted list hasn't worked out well
> in practice. It was based on requests from the board of directors to
> provide some means of communicating to their business-focused
> constituency where resources would be most useful to the project.
> We've had a subsequent request to reorient it to be more like a set
> of job descriptions along with clearer business use cases explaining
> the benefit to them of contributing to these efforts. In my opinion
> it's very much the responsibility of the TC to find ways to
> accomplish these sorts of things as well.
> > I think it's fair to say that the people generally elected to the
> > TC are those most visible in the community (it's a popularity
> > contest) and those people are generally the most visible because
> > they have the luxury of working upstream the majority of their
> > time. As such, it's their duty to oversee and spend time working
> > on the hard cross-project technical deliverables that operators
> > and users are asking for, rather than think of an infinite number
> > of ways to try and draw *others* to help work on those gaps.
> But not everyone who is funded for full-time involvement with the
> community is necessarily "visible" in ways that make them electable.
> Higher-profile involvement in such activities over time is what gets
> them the visibility to be more easily elected to governance
> positions via "popularity contest" mechanics.
> > As I think it's the role of a PTL within a given project to have a
> > finger on the pulse of the technical priorities of that project
> > and manage the developers involved (of which the PTL certainly may
> > be one), it's the role of the TC to do the same across openstack
> > as a whole. If a PTL doesn't have the time or willingness to do
> > that within their project, they shouldn't be the PTL. The same
> > goes for TC members IMO.
> Completely agree, I think we might just disagree on where to strike
> the balance of purely technical priorities for the TC (as I
> personally think the TC is somewhat incorrectly named).
> --
> Jeremy Stanley
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