[Openstack-operators] Ops Meetup, Co-Location options, and User Feedback

Jimmy McArthur jimmy at openstack.org
Tue Mar 20 16:45:52 UTC 2018

Posting this from Dave Medberry (and with permission):

While no longer technically an operator I'm 100% for colocating PTG and 
Ops Meetups. I know some folks don't want to feel like tagalongs but I 
think you are addressing that (and making a specific Ops invite and 
considering a name change.)

So that's my $0.02 worth

Goals for Ops Meetups:
* Community and F2F time with other Ops
* Shared Commiseration and potentially action items if there is such 
shared commiseration
* Wins (how you as an op are winning at operations). Ie., best 
practices, tips & tricks, etc.
* Updates/ino about key projects. We've had Nova cores/ptls, Swift 
cores/ptls, etc talk at various Ops Meetups. I'd like to see this 
continue. Ie, what's in the just released thing we need to worry about 
(or being released as we are there.) What was in the last release that 
was a gotcha that as we move forward with deployment we need to worry 
about (over and above what's on the relnotes.)

I've sent this to you but feel free to share broadly.


David Medberry
OpenStack DevOps
& Cloud Manageability

> Jimmy McArthur <mailto:jimmy at openstack.org>
> March 20, 2018 at 10:37 AM
> Hi there!
> As discussions are underway for planning the Ops meetup during the 
> second half of the year, I wanted to reach out with some thoughts and 
> to see how the Foundation staff can help. We are committed to 
> supporting the Ops community and want you all to know that it 
> continues to be a major priority for the Foundation.
> UC Update
> We've been meeting regularly with the User Committee to help establish 
> goals for the Committee as well as Operators and End Users.  There are 
> three critical things that we identified as immediate areas of concern:
>   * How to involve operators, end users, and app-devs that are not in
>     the normal cycle of communications within the community (IRC, MLs,
>     Summit, Forum, etc..)
>   * Ensuring a productive communication loop between the User and Dev
>     communities so feedback from OS Days, local user groups, and Ops
>     Meetups are communicated and brought to the Forum in a way that
>     allows developers to address concerns in future  release cycles.
>   * Removing perceived barriers and building relationships between
>     User and Dev communities
> General Feedback from Ops Meetups
> We're starting to lay the groundwork to address some of these 
> concerns, but we need feedback from the Ops community before moving 
> forward.  Some of the feedback we've gotten from operators is they 
> don't see their needs being met during release cycles. We're hoping 
> you can help us answer a few questions and see if we can figure out a 
> way to improve:
>   * What are the short and long term goals for Ops Meetups?
>   * Do you feel like the existing format is helping to achieve those
>     goals?
>   * How can the OpenStack Foundation staff work to support your efforts?
> Ops 2H 2018 Meetup
> In addition to those questions, we'd like to pitch an option for you 
> for the next Ops Meetup.  The upcoming PTG is the week of September 10 
> in North America. We have an opportunity to co-locate the Ops Meetup 
> at the PTG.
> If the Ops community was interested in this, we would have separate 
> space with your own work sessions and separate branding for the Ops 
> attendees. This would also involve updating the language on the 
> OpenStack website and potentially renaming the PTG to something more 
> inclusive to both groups.
> Evenings at a co-located event would allow for relationship building 
> and problem sharing. We're pitching this as a way to bring these two 
> groups together, while still allowing them to have distinct productive 
> events.  That said, we're in no way trying to force the situation. If, 
> as a group, you decide you'd prefer to continue managing these events 
> on your own, we're happy to support that in whatever way we can.
> If you have an opinion one way or the other, please weigh in here: 
> https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/OpsMeetup2H2018
> Events and Communication
> Regardless of the location of the event the second half of this year, 
> we would like to continue refining the feedback loop and determine how 
> ambassadors, user group leaders and OpenStack Days play into the mix. 
> We plan to have Forum sessions in Vancouver and Berlin and encourage 
> all Users to attend to discuss ways that we can provide more 
> meaningful discussion between Ops and Devs. Generally, we’ve been 
> discussing a communication architecture around events:
>   * OpenStack Days - Having an Ops track at OpenStack Days in an
>     effort to solicit feedback and open discussion from operators,
>     especially those who might normally not attend other events. The
>     goal here is to generate common operator issues and features, and
>     also share best practices. The Public Cloud WG has been
>     successfully pioneering this approach at several OpenStack Days
>     last year.
>   * Ops Meetup - Take the content generated by all of the OpenStack
>     Days Ops tracks and use them to narrow down how the Ops and Dev
>     communities can get the software to do what it should. The result
>     is a focused list of topics that we can use to create Forum
>     sessions. There are also opportunities to share and document
>     knowledge, talk about technology integration and best practices.
>   * Forum - Using the content generated through the prior two, we
>     propose sessions and discussions held at the Forum to funnel that
>     feedback directly to the dev community and collaborate with them.
> This is again why I think there is some value in at least trying out 
> the PTG for a cycle or two, even if it's ultimately decided it isn't 
> fruitful.
> I realize this is a lot to absorb.  Please review with relevant 
> parties and let us know your thoughts.  The only catch on the PTG is 
> we would need a decision by April 4 in order to allocate the correct 
> amount of space.
> Thanks much for your time!
> Jimmy McArthur

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