[Openstack-operators] Switching from Fuel to OpenStack-Ansible

Matthew John JohnMP at cardiff.ac.uk
Mon Jun 4 13:37:49 UTC 2018


Apologies if this has been asked before but Google didn't turn up anything useful.

We are currently using Fuel to deploy OpenStack but given that it seems to be unmaintained have choose to switch to OpenStack-Ansible. The current setup routes all external traffic i.e. for floating IPs through the control nodes which is ideal as we have a limited number of external 10Gb connections available.

Is it possible to mirror this setup in the Ansible deployment? The configuration would be three control nodes each with three 10Gb NICs:

Bonded 10Gb NICs for storage, management networks

10Gb NIC for external network connectivity and access to Horizon dashboard

All external traffic from the compute nodes would then be routed through the controllers and vice versa


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