[Openstack-operators] Problem setting up Rally with Keystone V3

Aleksander Okonski aleksander.oko at gmail.com
Tue Nov 28 14:25:06 UTC 2017


I am currently trying to set up Rally so that it will connect with an
OpenStack deployment. I am able to set up Rally with no problem (via the
install script) and I source the needed openrc file. Once that is set up I
issue the command:

rally deployment create --fromenv --name=test

Rally sets up the deployment with no problems.
However once I try to run

rally deployment check

I get back the following error.

AuthenticationFailed: Failed to authenticate to https://--address--:5000/v3
for user '--user--' in project '--project--': Unauthorized: The request you
have made requires authentication. (HTTP 401) (Request-ID:

I believe I have found the cause of the problem to be that Rally does not
pull in the PROJECT_ID environment variable when the deployment is created.
When I run the OpenStack CLI with the same source file I can attach to the
instance and get the proper behavior. But taking out the PROJECT_ID will
cause the OpenStack CLI to produce the same error.

When I have tested Rally before and it was working with Keystone V2 however
moving to the new deployment we have Keystone V3 running.

If any one has encountered a similar problem or could point me in the right
direction I would really appreciate it.

OpenStack CLI version -- openstack 3.12.0
Rally version -- 0.10.1~dev17
Keystone -- V3

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