[Openstack-operators] Clear Linux guest issues (maybe UEFI boot issues?)

Jonathan Proulx jon at csail.mit.edu
Thu Nov 2 18:07:54 UTC 2017

Hi All,

This is low priority poking but I have a sort of puzzling situation.

Wanted to play with Clear linux (which is uefi only) to see what it
was about  so grabbed some images and obviously tried to throw them on
my OpenStack cloud.

After learning how to enable EUFI booting (hw_firmware_type='uefi' in
image metadata and ovfm package on hypervisors) it still just hangs
trying to boot, no serial out, uninialized VNC console, no ping.

Running manually under KVM on my workstation (same Ubuntu 16.04 as
hypervisors) I can get it to go.

Nova generated qemu command: https://pastebin.com/VarvB6Cs
Simpler manual command (works): https://pastebin.com/BfJpXYRm

any clues?


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