[Openstack-operators] port state is UP when admin-state-up is False (neutron/+bug/1672629)

Volodymyr Litovka doka.ua at gmx.com
Mon Aug 7 12:21:08 UTC 2017

Hi colleagues,

am I the only who care about this case? - 

The problem is when I set port admin_state_up to False, it still UP on 
the VM thus continuing to route statically configured networks (e.g. 
received from DHCP host_routes), sending DHCP reqs, etc

As people discovered, in Kilo everything was ok - "I have checked the 
behavior of admin_state_up of Kilo version, when port admin-state-up is 
set to False, the port status will be DOWN." - but at least in Ocata it 
is broken.

Anybody facing this problem too? Any ideas on how to work around it?

Thank you.

Volodymyr Litovka
   "Vision without Execution is Hallucination." -- Thomas Edison

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