[Openstack-operators] Openstack team size vs's deployment size

Silence Dogood matt at nycresistor.com
Mon Sep 12 17:21:25 UTC 2016

I want desperately to see a failed deployments talk at summit.  I'd be glad
to contribute but we'd need info on a variety of failure states.

On Sep 12, 2016 1:05 PM, "Jonathan D. Proulx" <jon at csail.mit.edu> wrote:

> I agree this would make a very interesting OPs session.
> As many have poitned out it's difficult to really quantify in a
> comparable way given the range of roles and approches.
> We have 1 region (going on 2) with 100 hypervisors providing a basic
> IaaS service (agian looking to expand into various XaaS overlays).
> Typically running 600-900 VMs in support of several hundred users &
> some randomly shifting number of projects (164 had instances run in
> the past month, though some were only single test instances).
> We have zero dedicate staff for OpenStack so coming upt with FTE
> numbers is guess work at best.
> For front end user support, answering questions and using the admin
> interface for adds and changes we probably spend about 0.5 FTE (Across
> a team of 6-7 people)
> For backend stuff for both OpenStack and Ceph probably 1 FTE, maybe a
> bit more, mostly handled by 2 individuals also included in the count
> above.
> This is workable in ideal conditions but far too thin and fragile in
> real conditions.  One of the two core OpenStack people moved and it
> took 6mo to get a replacemnet. This made us loose an Upgrade cycle as
> there was insufficient staffing to test and implement an upgrate to
> Liberty during the gap.  This along with otehr bits that didn't happen
> accumulated a lot of technical debt in a short time.  We are digging
> out but 1 year later we'll be back at current software version but
> with zero progress on previously planned service expantions.
> -Jon
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