[Openstack-operators] Fwd: [openstack-dev] [nova] I'm going to expire open bug reports older than 18 months.

Vincent Legoll vincent.legoll at idgrilles.fr
Fri May 27 13:47:30 UTC 2016


Le 27/05/2016 15:25, Markus Zoeller a écrit :
> I don't see a benefit in leaving very old bug reports open when nobody
> is working on it (again, a resource problem). Closing it (with "Won't
> Fix") is explicit and easy to query. The information is not lost. This
> does*not*  mean we don't care about the reported issues. It's simply
> just more than we can currently handle.

Are you sure "won't fix" is the right message you want to convey to the
users that at least came to report something ?

Isn't there an "expired" status or something else better suited ?

"Won't fix" is a very strong message for a user.

At least put a message explaining this is not really "we don't want to
fix it" but "we expired old stale bugs"...

Vincent Legoll
EGI FedCloud task force
Cloud Computing at IdGC
France Grilles / CNRS / IPHC

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