[Openstack-operators] User specified fixed-ips, anyone else doing it?

Robert Starmer robert at kumul.us
Wed May 25 23:26:31 UTC 2016

I don't have cycles to support this development, but I do think that the
function is worth while, wether you are using a 3rd party IPAM model or
not, there are plenty of developers who expect a specific IP Address (even
if it was randomly assigned via some other process, like booting without
defining a fixed IP).  This is what drives many in the whole "I must have
floating IPs, because I don't want to use DNS and expect to have _my own_
IP addresses to re-use" model for many users where that's not really the
best usage model (and causes all kinds of fun from a performance
perspective if you don't have hardware accelerated routing/NAT enabled).

I also agree that model #2 is the better idea, but model #1 would be very


On Wed, May 25, 2016 at 2:31 PM, Jonathan Proulx <jon at csail.mit.edu> wrote:

> Hi All,
> We carry one small local change in Horizon and I'm trying to determine
> if there's enough community interst in similar things that we should
> go through the process of upsreaming it.
> In order to provide access to our preexisting self-service IPAM and
> DNS registration services we allow and infact encourage our users to
> specify the 'fixed' addresses of instances they boot (obviously this
> also relies on some other implementation details).
> To facilitate this we carry a local Horizon override that stuffs an
> extra text field into the create instance workflow.  This breaks every
> cycle and with Mitaka basically none of our code is reusable.  The
> upside is I seem to have to actual developer time I can apply to
> fixing this.
> In my dreams this happens upstream rather than in an override as
> configurable option that defaults to don't show it, or maybe as a
> generalizable hook for adding options available in the API but not in
> the default workflow.
> Before I attempt to persue that dream I'm curious if anyone alse has a
> similar need becuase if I really am the only one doing this tehn
> there's no point trying to upsream it.
> So anyone interested in:
> 1) being able to set fixed ip address on networks in the Horizon
>    create instance workflow.
> 2) a generalized way to insert additional API options into Horizon
>    workflows.
> I like #2 but that may be a bigger effort than my team has cycles to
> do on our own (but if other like it and have resources ...)
> -Jon
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