[Openstack-operators] User specified fixed-ips, anyone else doing it?

Jonathan Proulx jon at csail.mit.edu
Wed May 25 21:31:58 UTC 2016

Hi All,

We carry one small local change in Horizon and I'm trying to determine
if there's enough community interst in similar things that we should
go through the process of upsreaming it.

In order to provide access to our preexisting self-service IPAM and
DNS registration services we allow and infact encourage our users to
specify the 'fixed' addresses of instances they boot (obviously this
also relies on some other implementation details).

To facilitate this we carry a local Horizon override that stuffs an
extra text field into the create instance workflow.  This breaks every
cycle and with Mitaka basically none of our code is reusable.  The
upside is I seem to have to actual developer time I can apply to
fixing this.

In my dreams this happens upstream rather than in an override as
configurable option that defaults to don't show it, or maybe as a
generalizable hook for adding options available in the API but not in
the default workflow.

Before I attempt to persue that dream I'm curious if anyone alse has a
similar need becuase if I really am the only one doing this tehn
there's no point trying to upsream it.  

So anyone interested in:

1) being able to set fixed ip address on networks in the Horizon
   create instance workflow.

2) a generalized way to insert additional API options into Horizon

I like #2 but that may be a bigger effort than my team has cycles to
do on our own (but if other like it and have resources ...)



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