[Openstack-operators] [craton] Midcycle meetup to discuss fleet management

Jim Baker jim.baker at python.org
Tue Jun 28 01:50:25 UTC 2016

The Craton fleet management midcycle meetup will be held in New York City,
August 23-26, using the following two events to provide structure/meeting

   - OpenStack East - developer-focused discussion on Craton core, along
   with further development of integration points;
   - Operators midcycle hosted by Bloomberg - get feedback from operators
   and course correction;

Please join us! We also meet on #openstack-meeting-4 (1500 UTC Monday) and
hang out on #craton (Freenode).

Craton is a new open source project that we plan to propose for OpenStack
inclusion ("big tent"). Craton supports deploying and operating OpenStack
clouds by providing scalable fleet management. It provides inventory;
scalable workflows for audit and remediation (in progress); and
corresponding REST APIs/CLI/Python client. We are targeting OpenStack
Ansible in terms of reference workflows.

Craton is based on how Rackspace currently operates its public cloud at
scale, but it is also intended to support private clouds, from small to
large. We are building it on SQLAlchemy, TaskFlow, and Flask; along with
*optional* undercloud integration with Keystone, Barbican, and Horizon.

- Jim
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