[Openstack-operators] [docs] An Ops CPL?

Lana Brindley openstack at lanabrindley.com
Mon Jun 13 01:29:39 UTC 2016

Hi everyone,

As you should already know, docs have a number of cross-project liaisons (CPLs)[1], which is basically a list of contact people from each project that docs can go to to ask subject matter questions. This is a great system, and we love being able to contact people directly to get answers.

However, it occurred to me recently that we don't have a central go-to person for Ops questions. This has come up a bit recently with the work we're doing on the Ops guide, but I've also noticed a few older bugs lurking in our queue that really need some solid Ops advice.

In short, I'd like to have an Ops docs liaison. It would give docs someone to go to to find out if we're doing it right, and it gives Ops a voice within docs and a way to help drive the way Ops documentation is created and maintained (and we have a lot of it these days!).

Any volunteers?


1: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/CrossProjectLiaisons#Documentation

Lana Brindley
Technical Writer
Rackspace Cloud Builders Australia

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