[Openstack-operators] Compute node with different subnet

Tomas Vondra vondra at czech-itc.cz
Thu Feb 25 09:17:30 UTC 2016

Ram Kumar <ramkumarindia21 at ...> writes:

> We have three compute nodes with different subnets on the same vlan. When
we create instance, we are getting an ip from first subnet but running on
second node which is different subnet and can't ping gateway or traffic is
not going out from that instance because node is running on different
subnet. If instance is created on first node which is same subnet of that
host, we don't see any issues. Please advice how to resolve this issue?
> Thanks Ram

You may want to look into project Romana.io or other pure-L3 networking
plugins for OpenStack.

If we are talking about default Neutron implementation, then your design
seems to be wrong, you will need the same subnet over all compute nodes.

You may have all subnets over all compute nodes, define corresponding
provider networks in neuthon and schedule the VMs into them manually, though.

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