[Openstack-operators] Anyone using Project Calico for tenant networking?

Neil Jerram Neil.Jerram at metaswitch.com
Fri Feb 5 18:53:02 UTC 2016

On 05/02/16 18:19, Ned Rhudy (BLOOMBERG/ 731 LEX) wrote:
> Hello operators,
> We're continuing to investigate different cloud networking technologies
> as part of our project to migrate from nova-network to Neutron, and one
> that's come up frequently is Project Calico
> (http://www.projectcalico.org/). However, we can't actually find
> anything in the way of operator testimonials from people using Calico.
> On paper it looks interesting, but it would be good to hear from
> operators who are actually using it with live users.
> If you do use Calico, how do you feel about it? Does it deliver on its
> scalability promises, or has it brought only heartbreak?

Hi Ned,

I'm a Calico team member, not an operator, but I wanted to check if you 
really meant tenant networking as in per-tenant networks.  Because 
Calico as implemented so far with OpenStack is really more a provider 
network technology.  For example, we don't support overlapping IPs.


PS. Thanks for asking that question!  I'm also very interested in the 
answers, of course. :-)

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