[Openstack-operators] adding a compute node

葛文堂 hitgwt at 163.com
Wed Sep 23 06:37:22 UTC 2015

If your compute node is a virtual machine,such as kvm,you can just clone the compute node, and then boot it, an change some configuritions,such as ip address,hostname,hosts file, nova.conf  neutron.conf ,etc.
If your compute node is a physical machine,just add a new compute node ,and do all operations like the first one.

At 2015-09-23 13:34:33, "pra devOPS" <siv.devops at gmail.com> wrote:

Hi I have already openstack setup up and running withe 1 controller,1 network and 1 compute node.

with qemu hypervisor.

Now i wanted to add a kvm hypervisor, I have installed the kvm,novacompute openvswitch,and nuetron agent in the compute node.

Created the br-int bridge in the compute node.

started the compute,nuetron agent and the ovs in the compute node, I am able to see the compute's neutron agent in the network node.

When I boot a instance on the newly added compute it says spawning for ever , The iptables are off on the compute.

any reasons or Do any body has steps to add a compute to the existing setup?

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