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Federico Michele Facca federico.facca at create-net.org
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Hi Ignazio,
I am not the greatest expert in my team on the topic, so there my be some
mistakes (anyone feel free to correct :)), read my reply inline

On Mon, Sep 21, 2015 at 6:02 PM, Ignazio Cassano <ignaziocassano at gmail.com>

> Hi all, I' would like to know which openstack community edition components
> work with vmware.
> I know there is a nova driver for vmware.

correct, basically it will act as a "proxy" toward vCenter

> I' like to know if glance, heat, ceilometer etc etc work with vmware.
AFAIK Heat as no real dependency, so no issue. Ceilometer, we haven't
tested, but any implementation may reflect the fact that OS services for
VMWare are proxies (i.e. it will see whatever is on the other side like a
huge compute or a huge cinder)

About glance you may have some limitations, since it supports so far
(unless anything changed in Liberty) a single backend. actually we had
issues in booting a vmware volume from an image (using swift as glance
backend - it should work with no issue using the vmware storage, but then I
guess you lose the multi hypervisor support).

As far is neutron is concerned, in a scenario where there are kvm and
> vmware nodes, must I have an nsx multihypervisor solution ?

I think you can use other drivers as well (actually we developed one for a
customer). Or nova-network.

> Must I insall nsx componenents on kvm nodes (a modified ovs version  for
> kvm) ?
we didn't go for NSX solution, but I guess so.

> On vmware must I install the vmware nsx or the multihypervisor version ?

yes multihpervisor one... I know there were rumors about an opens source
release, but I hadn't any update on that.


> Regards
> Ignazio
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