[Openstack-operators] Kilo neutron dhcp not release to physical host

Kevin Stevens kevin.stevens at rackspace.com
Tue Sep 1 16:17:28 UTC 2015


The Neutron DHCP agent only hands out leases to devices/instances managed by Openstack. Unlike nova-network, hypervisors do not get an IP out of Neutron networks. Is there a particular reason you'd want to do this?


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Subject: [Openstack-operators] Kilo neutron dhcp not release to physical host

Hi all,
In my kilo neutron configuration I have a flat network with a dhcp agent.
Dhcp release addresses to openstack virtual machines but not to physical hosts
in the same network.
If I assign an address to the physical host I can ping the neutron dhcp server.
Could anyone help me ?

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