[Openstack-operators] Double NAT in neutron ?

Zeeshan Ali Shah zashah at kth.se
Tue Oct 27 08:50:19 UTC 2015

Dear All,

We get a pool of Public IPs which statically map to private IP addresses .
If I assign any one of those private IP address to physical interface it is
reachable from internet.

In neutron setup I created the external network using the range of those
private ip addresses and associate them as Floating IPs to the instances .

When I ping/connect using the floating IPs (range from private IPs) it
works , but when I use the assigned public IP it cannot ping/connect.

*Our setup:*
internet -> public ip -> natted-private-ip ->neutron-internal-ip->instance
                                               -- Natted (floating ips) --

*Typical setup:*
internet -> public ip -> neutron-internal-ip->instance
                         |                                   |
                         |                                   |
                         -- Natted (floating ips) --

Any hint ?



Zeeshan Ali Shah
System Administrator - PDC HPC
PhD researcher (IT security)
Kungliga Tekniska Hogskolan
+46 8 790 9115
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