[Openstack-operators] kilo ceilometer deployment mongodb

gord chung gord at live.ca
Thu Oct 1 14:54:02 UTC 2015

hi Ignazio,

Mongo doesn't require you to explicitly create the Ceilometer 
collection. the step in the documentation is more to create a user with 
appropriate credentials to write to the Ceilometer collection. if you 
define your metering_connection appropriately ie 
'mongodb://ceilometer:CEILOMETER_DBPASS@controller:27017/ceilometer' it 
will write to the data to ceilometer collection.

i should also mention that there is a sql backend if you are more 
familiar with PostgreSQL/MySQL. depending on your use case, it may be an 
alternative as using PostgreSQL has been found to be significantly more 
efficient from disk usage pov versus MongoDB. MongoDB requires 
significant experience and hardware to scale appropriately.

On 30/09/15 03:14 PM, Ignazio Cassano wrote:
> Hi all, I followed openstack.ork kilo deployment documentation to 
> install ceilometer for centos 7.
> I presume there is some errors in documumentation because "mongo 
> --host ......." command does not create the ceilometer db.
> Must I create the db before launching the command ?
> Regards
> Ignazio
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