[Openstack-operators] OPs Midcycle location discussion.

JJ Asghar jj at chef.io
Tue Nov 17 20:16:46 UTC 2015

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On 11/17/15 1:34 PM, Matt Jarvis wrote:
> From my perspective we're happy to put in place anything that we
> can reasonably do, and that will increase participation. Bear in
> mind that we don't have massive amounts of money or people - the
> costs of the event as it stands is just about covered by the
> sponsors we have, and I'm putting most of the logistics together (
> with help from Tom Fifield and a few others ) as well as doing my
> day job.
> We've already had a very kind additional offer of infrastructure
> help ( in kit, bodies, connectivity etc ) from Canonical, if we
> want to put in place stuff to enable remote participation in terms
> of audio streaming, IRC etc. etc. If only we had some OpenStack
> public cloud then it would be trivial to spin up whatever servers
> we might need to support that .... ;)
> It would probably be helpful to have some gauge on how many people
> are interested in remote participation before we do anything in
> terms of enabling that in a more extensive way than etherpads - not
> sure the best way to get that number, any ideas ?

I'd like to throw in this thought. I've been to each mid-cycle since
San Antonino. My experience with them has been extremely variable but
the chance to be in the _same_ room as the people I talk to daily is
invaluable. I think my boss calls it the "hallway track" is more
important then anything for me. Not to mention the ability to get a
beverage after the official meeting time and come to a conclusion.
(This has happened more often then anything for me.)

It's great that we are trying to get people that can't travel involved
but the harsh reality of it is that no matter what we do they will
still miss out on some of the conversations.

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