[Openstack-operators] OPs Midcycle location discussion.

Anne Gentle annegentle at justwriteclick.com
Mon Nov 16 23:01:53 UTC 2015

On Mon, Nov 16, 2015 at 11:01 AM, Jonathan Proulx <jon at csail.mit.edu> wrote:

> Let me restate the question a bit as I think I'm hearing two different
> responses that may be getting conflated.
> Option 1:  There's a single Ops Midcycle that shifts around and we
> look at ways to increase remote participation. (obviously this doesn't
> preclude other meetups)
> Option 2: There are multiple Ops Meetups around midcycle (presumably
> starting with North America, Asia, and Europe) and we look at ways of
> coordinationg those re reduce duplication of effort any synthesis of
> results.

Hey all, I wanted to point to a bit of data from last year when I
interviewed a bunch of teams about their midcycles.


- Midcycles are more valuable in the early days of forming teams.
- Best quality meetings tend to be sprint-oriented with real work getting
done and a specific outcome in mind.
- Often there’s a choice implied in choosing what an individual travels to;
adding a midcycle sprint means a choice has to be made.
- Virtual aspects of a midcycle require additional support such as open
source tooling, or if using non-open source tooling, you must get agreement
from participants.

Wanted to share since I think you'll find it relevant.

> I was advocating option 1 mostly because I think synthesis of option 2
> is harder than stepping up preparation of etherpads before sessions
> and review of them afterward is which is motly the level of remote
> participation I'd envision in the first case (possibly also running
> some email threads on any reccommendations that come out and seem
> controvertial for any reason)
> So far though seems the tide is runiing toward option 2, multiple
> meet-ups. Though wee're still at a very small sample size.
> -Jon
> On Mon, Nov 16, 2015 at 10:50:52AM -0500, Jonathan Proulx wrote:
> :Hi All,
> :
> :1st User Committee IRC meeting will be today at 19:00UTC on
> :#openstack-meeting, we haven't exactly settled on an agenda yet but I
> :hope to raise this issue the...
> :
> :It has been suggested that we make the February 15-16 European Ops
> :Meetup in Manchester UK [1] the 'official' OPs Midcycle.  Previously
> :all mid cycles have been US based.
> :
> :Personally I like the idea of broadening or geographic reach rather
> :than staying concentrated in North America. I particularly like it
> :being 'opposite' the summit location.
> :
> :This would likely trade off some depth of participation as fewer
> :of the same people would be able to travel to all midcycles in person.
> :
> :Discuss...(also come by  #openstack-meeting at 19:00 UTC if you think
> :this needs real time discussion)
> :
> :-Jon
> :
> :
> :--
> :
> :1.
> http://www.eventbrite.com/e/european-openstack-operators-meetup-tickets-19405855436?aff=es2
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