[Openstack-operators] OPs Midcycle location discussion.

Jonathan Proulx jon at csail.mit.edu
Mon Nov 16 17:01:20 UTC 2015

Let me restate the question a bit as I think I'm hearing two different
responses that may be getting conflated.

Option 1:  There's a single Ops Midcycle that shifts around and we
look at ways to increase remote participation. (obviously this doesn't
preclude other meetups)

Option 2: There are multiple Ops Meetups around midcycle (presumably
starting with North America, Asia, and Europe) and we look at ways of
coordinationg those re reduce duplication of effort any synthesis of

I was advocating option 1 mostly because I think synthesis of option 2
is harder than stepping up preparation of etherpads before sessions
and review of them afterward is which is motly the level of remote
participation I'd envision in the first case (possibly also running
some email threads on any reccommendations that come out and seem
controvertial for any reason)

So far though seems the tide is runiing toward option 2, multiple
meet-ups. Though wee're still at a very small sample size.


On Mon, Nov 16, 2015 at 10:50:52AM -0500, Jonathan Proulx wrote:
:Hi All,
:1st User Committee IRC meeting will be today at 19:00UTC on
:#openstack-meeting, we haven't exactly settled on an agenda yet but I
:hope to raise this issue the...
:It has been suggested that we make the February 15-16 European Ops
:Meetup in Manchester UK [1] the 'official' OPs Midcycle.  Previously
:all mid cycles have been US based.
:Personally I like the idea of broadening or geographic reach rather
:than staying concentrated in North America. I particularly like it
:being 'opposite' the summit location.
:This would likely trade off some depth of participation as fewer
:of the same people would be able to travel to all midcycles in person.
:Discuss...(also come by  #openstack-meeting at 19:00 UTC if you think
:this needs real time discussion)
:1. http://www.eventbrite.com/e/european-openstack-operators-meetup-tickets-19405855436?aff=es2


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