[Openstack-operators] [openstack-operators]: anyone using SaltStack for deployment?

gustavo panizzo (gfa) gfa at zumbi.com.ar
Fri May 29 07:23:33 UTC 2015

On 2015-05-29 05:16, Daniel Comnea wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Is anyone using SaltStack to deploy Openstack ? I haven't seen much
> discussion around this tech hence my question and maybe point of
> inspiration.

we do

there is a repo in github by CSScorp and other projects (i don't 
remember right now but i can check next week). most of them build 
modules (puppet like) and consume them.

i don't use them as i found them hard to explain or follow.
i use simple state files where pkgs are installed, config files are 
generated and services are enabled/started/restarted/reload

i have multiple openstack clouds and multiple salt environments. each 
environment has it's own pillar and state files, many of the state files 
are (almost) the same. for example each environment has a nova state.
also i have a base environment shared by all clouds where i keep common 
states (libvirt, repos, monitoring, logging, etc)

ideally i would have only one set of state files and pillar should make 
the differences but in practice that was difficult to achieve.
i run havana and icehouse (and different icehouse releases), keep only 
one set of state files would make them full of `if`statements

the top file applies the same states to all servers in the same 
environment, states (using custom grains configured on the minions) 
decide how/what to configure each individual server

i have another salt state groups which i use for test environments. they 
support both debian and ubuntu and icehouse, juno and kilo.

i plan to publish the second group of states before the end of june, 
after some cleanup.

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