[Openstack-operators] Neutron HA With VRRP (2 Master Nodes, Bogus VRRP packet)

Eren Türkay erent at skyatlas.com
Thu May 28 06:43:15 UTC 2015

On 26-05-2015 17:12, Assaf Muller wrote:
> I'd install them via the same tool, make sure the outcome is the same Neutron
> code on both nodes with the same patches applied, recreate the routers entirely
> and see what happens. If it works, work from there.


I confirm that HA is working when the same code is running on all the neutron
nodes. Given HA configuration parameters in neutron.conf, newly created
routers/networks are working highly-available. However, I have non-HA
routers/networks in the production/test environment and I failed to find a way
to convert those routers into HA.

Is there any way to convert non-ha routers to HA with floating IPs, same
network address for running VMs, etc? I tried adding new router and adding an
interface to existing network (non-ha network). VM's were able to ping this
router. I disassociated floating IP and re-associate them but those IPs are
created in non-ha router. I, then, tried to remove the existing router to see
if floating IPs will be created on the only available router (HA) but I failed
to remove the previous router.

So far I've run out of ideas to make this network migration for running VM
except to create a new router/network, re-create a VM from volume, attach this
new VM to new network, disassociate floating ip, and associate it to new port.
However, this is the last option for me as it will be hard in terms of
operation perspective. Yet, all VMs will experience serious downtime and
internal IP addresses will change, causing the VM operator to change the
configuration of as well. Any ideas?


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