[Openstack-operators] [CMDB] CMDB Vancouver Working Group

Joseph Bajin josephbajin at gmail.com
Mon May 25 04:18:57 UTC 2015


I wanted to provide a recap of the CMDB working group from the Summit.

There was good attendance with people that had a great amount of experience
working and building a CMDB.  While it may seem easy on the surface, it
actually is a pretty big project with a lot of different options and

We captured many of the data-points from the session in the below etherpad:


In the next few days, I will send out a few additional emails from the
action items from the session.  I rather not bombard everyone with them at
once as they could easily get lost.  From there, a few people of the
attendees have volunteered to help move this project forward.

We felt that any additional comments, questions or suggestions should be
directed to the operators mailing list to enlist additional input from


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