[Openstack-operators] Raising the degree of the scandal

Sean M. Collins sean at coreitpro.com
Sat May 23 18:58:45 UTC 2015

George, are you willing to commit development resources to help address
issues in Neutron, and improve the support for Linux Bridge, since 
"All neutron/ovs stuff is horrible in term of performance" ?

Linux Bridge parity has been identified as a step towards a single network stack for
OpenStack. We are in the process of enabling Linux Bridge testing at the
gate to prevent bit-rot. We will need resources from the community to
ensure that Linux Bridge is maintained, since Neutron's mission is to
support many different networking solutions.

I will also note that arp spoofing is the 3rd item on our priority list.


If anyone else wishes to volunteer, now is the time.


Sean M. Collins

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