[Openstack-operators] Multiple vlan ranges on same physical interface [ml2]

George Shuklin george.shuklin at gmail.com
Thu May 7 14:32:55 UTC 2015

Hello everyone.

Got a problem: we want to use same physical interface for external 
networks and virtual (tenant) networks. All inside vlans with different 

My expected config was:

type_drivers = vlan
tenant_network_types = vlan
network_vlan_ranges = external:1:100,local:1000:4000
bridge_mappings = external:br-ex,local:br-ex

But it does not work:

ERROR neutron.plugins.openvswitch.agent.ovs_neutron_agent [-] Parsing 
bridge_mappings failed: Value br-ex in mapping: 'gp:br-ex' not unique. 
Agent terminated!

I understand that I can cheat and manually configure bridge pile (br-ex 
and br-loc both plugged to br-real, which linked to physical interface), 
but it looks very fragile.

Is any nicer way to do this? And why ml2 (ovs plugin?) does not allow to 
use mapping from many networks to one bridge?

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