[Openstack-operators] Scaling the Ops Meetup

Matt Fischer matt at mattfischer.com
Tue Jun 30 17:46:29 UTC 2015

My votes line up with Dave's and Joe's pretty much.

I think that vendor booth's are a bad idea as well.

As for registration, I think having a fee that covers the meals/coffee is
fair. This is not a typical walk in off the street meeting. I don't think
many companies would balk at an extra $100-$200 fee for registration.
Especially if you're already paying for travel like 99% of us will be
doing. I'm also +1 canceling the evening event to cut costs, it was
overcrowded last time and with 300 people will be unmanageable.

Tom, What is the actual per-head price range for meals?

On Tue, Jun 30, 2015 at 11:36 AM, Joe Topjian <joe at topjian.net> wrote:

> -1 on paid registration, I think we need to be mindful of the smaller
>> openstack deployers, their voice is an important one, and their access to
>> the larger operations teams is invaluable to them.  I like the idea of
>> local teams showing up because it's in the neighborhood and they don't need
>> to hassle their budgeting managers too much for travel approval /
>> expenses.  This is more accessible currently than the summits for many
>> operators.  Let's keep it that way.
> I understand your point.
> IMO, the Ops mid-cycle meetup is a little different than a normal local
> meetup you'll find at meetup.com. It's a multi-day event that includes
> meals and an evening event. Being able to attend for free, while a great
> goal, may not be practical. I would not imagine that the fee would be as
> much as a Summit ticket, nor even broken down to the daily cost of a Summit
> ticket. I see it as something that would go toward the cost of food and
> such.
> The OpenStack foundation does a lot to ensure that people who are unable
> to pay registration fees are still able to attend summits. The same
> courtesy could be extended here as well. As an example, David M has
> mentioned that TWC may help (I understand that may not be official, just
> used as an example of how others may be willing to help with that area).
> Joe
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