[Openstack-operators] Help with multiple external network in openstack

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You also need to set the gateway_external_network_id variable to empty.  If you don’t, the L3 agent is either using the gateway from the network with the specified UUID, or can’t figure out which one to use.

Also, if the networks have VLAN tags that would be handled by the switch, you might need to create that network on an entirely separate bridge (for example: br-ex2) and bind it to your physical interface.  After you do that, go through all the associations, such as adding the new physnet# in your bridge mappings and vlan ranges in your ml2_conf.ini.

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Hi Team,
I need some help to setup multiple external network

In normal single external network we create br-ex bridge and add it in

external_network_bridge = br-ex
It is working for me.

But in the case of multiple external network, this variable to be set to empty according to the docs. I did that but seems working.
Any one please specify whta other changes i have to do to make it working.
Thanks for your support guys.

Geo Varghese
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