[Openstack-operators] Way to check compute <-> rabbitmq connectivity

Kris G. Lindgren klindgren at godaddy.com
Thu Jan 15 16:45:21 UTC 2015

We did have an issue using celery  on an internal application that we wrote - but I believe it was fixed after much failover testing and code changes.  We also use logstash via rabbitmq and haven't noticed any issues there either.

So this seems to be just openstack/oslo related.

We have tried a number of different configurations - all of them had their issues.  We started out listing all the members in the cluster on the rabbit_hosts line.  This worked most of the time without issue, until we would restart one of the servers, then it seemed like the clients wouldn't figure out they were disconnected and reconnect to the next host.

In an attempt to solve that we moved to using harpoxy to present a vip that we configured in the rabbit_hosts line.  This created issues with long lived connections disconnects and a bunch of other issues.  In our production environment we moved to load balanced rabbitmq, but using a real loadbalancer, and don't have the weird disconnect issues.  However, anytime we reboot/take down a rabbitmq host or pull a member from the cluster we have issues, or if their is a network disruption we also have issues.

Thinking the best course of action is to move rabbitmq off on to its own box and to leave it alone.

Does anyone have a rabbitmq setup that works well and doesn't have random issues when pulling nodes for maintenance?

Kris Lindgren
Senior Linux Systems Engineer
GoDaddy, LLC.

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Hi Kris,

 Our experience is pretty much the same on anything that is using rabbitmq - not just nova-compute.

Just to clarify: have you experienced this outside of OpenStack (or Oslo)?

We've seen similar issues with rabbitmq and OpenStack. We used to run rabbit through haproxy and tried a myriad of options like setting no timeouts, very very long timeouts, etc, but would always eventually see similar issues as described.

Last month, we reconfigured all OpenStack components to use the `rabbit_hosts` option with all nodes in our cluster listed. So far this has worked well, though I probably just jinxed myself. :)

We still have other services (like Sensu) using the same rabbitmq cluster and accessing it through haproxy. We've never had any issues there.

What's also strange is that I have another OpenStack deployment (from Folsom to Icehouse) with just a single rabbitmq server installed directly on the cloud controller (meaning: no nova-compute). I never have any rabbit issues in that cloud.
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