[Openstack-operators] Nodes and configurations management in Puppet

Mathieu Gagné mgagne at iweb.com
Thu Sep 25 14:40:47 UTC 2014


Some of you use Puppet to manage your OpenStack infrastructure.

- How do you manage your node definitions?
   Do you have an external ENC?
   Or plain site.pp, Puppet Enterprise, theforeman, etc. ?

- How about your configuration?
   Do you use Hiera? Or do you rely on the ENC to manage them?

My question is related to the complexity that managing multiple 
OpenStack environments (staging/production), regions and cells involves 
over time.

Is there a magically way to manage node definitions and *especially* 
configurations so you guys no have a heart attack each time you have to 
dig into them? How about versioning?

To answer my own questions and start the discussion:

I don't use an external ENC. The site.pp manifest has been the one used 
since day one. Since we have a strong host naming convention, I didn't 
see the limit of this model (yet). Regex has been a good friend so far.

As for configurations, Hiera is used to organize then with a hierarchy 
to manage environments and regions specific configurations:

   - "environments/%{::environment}/regions/%{::openstack_region}/common"
   - "environments/%{::environment}/common"
   - common

I'm still exploring solutions for cells.

How about you guys?


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