[Openstack-operators] Impact of backwards incompatible Nova API change - feedback please

Christopher Yeoh cbkyeoh at gmail.com
Fri Mar 21 09:13:32 UTC 2014


During the Icehouse development cycle we sort of accidentally made a
backwards incompatible change to the Nova V2 API. The issue is as

When creating a private flavor previously the tenant was not added to
the flavor access list. After the change the tenant was automatically
added to the flavor. This change made the behavior of the API fit the
documentation but it is a backwards incompatible semantic change.

One way a program that uses the REST API  may fail because of this
change is if the program originally always added access to the flavor
after creating a private flavor. That second flavor access call will
now fail because the the tenant already is on the access list (we
broke Horizon this way).

We still have the opportunity to rollback this change before Icehouse
is released. If we do so, those people currently using Havana will see
no change when they upgrade to Icehouse. 

However reverting the change will potentially affect those people who
have been doing continuous deployment as they already have the new
behaviour (the patch merged in October last year). 

So if you have been doing continuous deployment for your Openstack
cloud, please let us know what your opinion is asap.



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