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Liz Blanchard lsurette at redhat.com
Thu Mar 6 15:20:25 UTC 2014

On Jan 30, 2014, at 8:13 AM, George Shuklin <george.shuklin at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 30.01.2014 03:29, Liz Blanchard wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I’ve been working with the Horizon team and thinking about how we could improve the Horizon Overview pages (both for the self-service user[1] as well as the administrator[2]). I wanted to send my design ideas out to the list to get feedback from potential users in order to confirm these designs are valid or see if they need further updates. These are still early wireframes, so please feel free to give any and all comments on these.  A few specific questions that would be great to hear feedback on:
>> 1) Is there anything missing that a user looking at Horizon would want to see at a high level?
>> 2) Is there anything here that doesn’t belong?
>> 3) Is there a different way you would want to see the data here represented?
>> Thanks for any feedback you may be able to give!
> As user:
Dear George,

Thanks for taking the time to give your thoughts on this. I’ve added a number of blueprints and bugs in Horizon and I’ve also added a few follow up comments and questions below.

> 1) popup dialogue for floating IP allocation to instance usually show 'no address available' without any way to allocate new address from that dialogue (allocate new button, or just link to 'floating ips' page will be really nice)

A “+” button has recently been added to allow for this functionality. If you have a chance to test this out, let me know if this is the functionality you were expecting.

> 2) Network map is really sad. I can create new networks and routers but can not connect them.

The network topology is a new feature that is still building with each release. Currently, you can connect routers to networks using subnets in Horizon. But you do need to go to the “Edit Router” page in order to do this. I’ve added in a feature request for allowing the user to connect routers to networks via the network topology map. Are there any other improvements that you’d like to see to this map?

> 3) Many fields are marked as mandatory, but I think they should propose some autogenrated values. I means:
>    * snapshot name (f.e. instancename_date is nice default)
>    * router name (routerN is fine)
>    * instance name (instanceN, or just empty uuid is fine)
>    * network name (network1)

I think this is a great suggestion. I actually added a blueprint for this work a while ago, but I’ve just added the specifics that you suggested as I think this will make it a higher priority:

> 4) If there is one single network in tenant, it should be attached to new instances by default during creation (without explicit selection on other tab)

I agree this would be a very nice improvement. We’ve been doing some usability testing this week and each participant has said the same thing. I’ve added a bug for this here: 

> 5) If there is few external networking, adding floating IP is really pain in the stack: If I select wrong floating IP (allocated to different external network than instance can reach) it allow me to click 'allocate', but will return error and close dialog. If there is few more networks, it's gonna be hell of the work to do it right.

Is there a way that you think we could design this to prevent users from making the mistake of choosing the wrong Floating IP? I’m happy to create a blueprint for this work even though it might be a lot of work to design and build it the correct way. I would like to understand this a bit more if you wouldn’t mind helping here.

> 6) To have network data on same page as VNC console is good idea

Thanks for this idea. What network data specifically are you looking for? Would you expect it to be in the same window as the VNC console? Or would it be a separate tab? With some more detail, I can put some designs together on this addition and make sure it would meet your needs.

> 7) And soft reboot button there to.

Sounds like a nice addition to me. I’ve added a blueprint for the addition of this button.

> As admin:
> 1) I want to see real reason why instance was not able to start from horizon, not from nova show cli. That trace usually very informative and it's nice to see them (as administrator, at least).

Agreed here! We’ve been talking a lot of the Horizon team about trying to make sure the error messages that we send to users are useful. The goal is that this solution would be standard across all components that send errors. Here is a blueprint for this work:

> 2) I want to have easy way to delete tenant with all it stuff: swift objects, snapshots, routers, networks, floatings, instances, keys, access groups, etc.
It looks like there is some work that has been done here but is blocked by either an upgrade to Keystone or a realtime communication blueprint depending on the solution we go with. I will follow up on the status here to see if it can be moved forward yet:

Thanks again for all of the feedback, George.


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